Our students of today are tomorrow’s leaders. Still paying off our own student debt and preparing to send our child off to school, we know all too well the current costs associated with receiving a college education. That’s why we are excited to announce our newest offering to give back to the community and provide a bit of assistance to someone pursuing higher education: The Lifetime Locators Scholarship Essay Contest.

Starting today and ending December 1, 2019, 12 AM CST, you can submit a 500+ word essay for the opportunity to win a $500 cash scholarship for the Spring 2020 semester.

Essay Topic

What can we do to help alleviate the homelessness crisis in the United States?

As it is our business to find people places to live, here at Lifetime Locators, learning that more than 1/2 a million US citizens are currently homeless is deeply troubling. We want to encourage creative thinking on how we can help mitigate the homelessness crisis, which is why we have chosen this to be the topic of focus for our essay contest.

Please help us to spread the word. Share this private scholarship opportunity with current or soon to be students. If you work at a school, please feel free to share a link to our scholarship contest wherever you think it might be beneficial. Thank you and good luck if you are submitting an essay!