Using Lifetime Locators to help you find your new apartment is super easy, and best of all….it’s FREE! The properties pay apartment locators a small referral fee for sending their clients to them. It’s a great way for the properties to get the needed traffic to them and they appreciate it. The referral fee does not affect any move-in specials or pricing.

There are 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Register for Free Apartment Access: When you fill out our registration form, one of our apartment specialists will customize a list for you meeting your specific needs that you provided. It’s also very important because many of the properties require us to pre-register our clients before they view the community. Your information is kept strictly confidential and will not be given out to anyone without your permission.
  2. List Lifetime Locators on all Guest Cards and Lease Application: When visiting apartments, the leasing agent will fill out a guest card. Make sure the leasing agent knows that you were referred by Lifetime Locators and listed on the card. After you have decided on your apartment, Lifetime Locators must be listed as your referral source on the Application as well.
  3. Report Your Lease and Claim Your Reward: Contact your locator and let them know that you have applied so they can get the necessary paperwork to the community.  Once you move in, your agent will send you the reward form to fill out to get your rebate check!

Important: You must be registered with Lifetime Locators to be eligible for the cash rebate.


To Qualify for the Rebate:

  • You MUST be registered with Lifetime Locators before he/she has found their apartment.
  • You MUST list Lifetime Locators on the Guest Card AND the Application.
  • You MUST fill out the Reward Form to receive the rebate.  All rebate requests must be submitted within 30 days of lease start date.
  • You MUST sign a lease term of at least 6 months to be eligible for rebate.
  • You MUST not have lived at the current property before OR any other sister property (Same Management Company).
  • The property that you decide on MUST work with apartment locators and pay a commission of 50% of one month’s rent or higher.  If the property pays less than 50%, you will qualify for a lesser rebate amount.
  • The rebate is only paid to the Client (You) once the property has paid the referral commission to Lifetime Locators.  At that point, the rebate will be processed 90 days AFTER the client has moved in.
  • There is only 1 rebate given per apartment leased.
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